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Agritech Services

It is true that growers of all sizes need to face the challenge of higher yield from limited resources.

We are a one-stop solution for agri tech software solution. We develop embedded software for agricultural drones, farm management systems, IoT and Big Data solutions, process simulation applications, and several other agri tech products to enhance business performance. We work relentlessly to create valuable solutions that offer remote assistance for the field workers, as well as, troubleshooting teams who function in the field of agriculture.

Since our team is skilled in the agri tech software domain, it presents latest field analysis solutions focused on GIS, IoT data and AR technique that offers instantaneous mobile access to the crucial field information. We assure you that now the data gathered in the fields would not be lost. Our experts develop agritech data analytics software which works to collect, save and survey data produced by sensors, drones, and many other devices.

Here are our Agritech services list:

  • Agro Software Solutions
  • Remote Assistant Solutions
  • Field Monitoring Software
  • Drone Field Analysis Solutions
  • Data Analytics and Insightss
  • Scalable Agritech Solutions
  • Gamification
  • 3D Modeling & Measurements