Kitchen Cleaning

Service Includes

  1. Wipe and organize all exterior shelves - Cleaning of Cabinets, shelves from inside and outside. Cleaning below shelves and modular trolley, if detachable.
  2. Wipe and disinfect all electrical appliances- Microwave, Stove, Counter-Tops, Sinks and Refrigerator are cleaned from outside.
  3. Chimneys, exhaust fans will be degreased externally.
  4. Surface management that covers mirrors, windows, glass, wooden & steel surfaces.
  5. Deep cleaning of Kitchen platform, tiled walls and sink area.
  6. Floor Cleaning - Wet and Dry Mopping of floors.
  7. General Cleaning- Cobweb Removal, Dry Dusting of walls and ceilings, Cleaning of all light & fan.
  8. All Chemicals used are safe and biodegradable.
Service Time:
  • 2-3 Hours
Number of Servicemen:
  • 1-2 (Depends on kitchen size)

Why Choose Us

  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Full Equipment
  • Disinfection Service
  • Professional Sanitizing


If you’re in need of home cleaning, apartment cleaning, or a commercial cleaning service, we’re simply the best, most convenient deep cleaning service out there. We know you want the best house cleaning available while still having the confidence that you will receive a cleaner who is thorough and professional. You can be sure that our cleaning teams are polite, friendly and hard-working, never putting off a current cleaning task for their next visit. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients, based on mutual trust and our ability to provide consistently perfect results.

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